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Dr. Martens plc: luxury for rebels

10 May 2023

Dr. Martens plc produces the eponymous boots, commonly known as "Doc Martens", "Docs" or "DMs". When the company went public in January 2021, the placement was eight times oversubscribed. Eager investors piled into a truly unique brand that was widely seen to have tremendous growth potential.

26 months later, the stock is down 65%. The company had to issue three profit warnings and replace some of its management team.

Is the share price ever going to turn around?

Telco stock with quintuple catalyst

Benefitting from France's ageing population

Publicly listed Venezuela recovery play

Aston Martin: off to the races

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Research Report Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens plc: marching towards turnaround

Successful, timeless brands don't come up for a discounted sale very often. Enter Dr. Martens – a true bargain for contrarian investors.

Telco stock with quintuple catalyst

Telco stock with quintuple catalyst

Will we soon see a wave of M&A among European telco companies? This telco stock, in particular, could shine.

Benefitting from France's ageing population

Benefitting from France's ageing population

Following the "ORPEA scandal" that rocked France's care home sector in 2022, this stock should emerge stronger than before.