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Novavax: The

Novavax: The vax company that came from nowhere

30 July 2021

I recently wondered which coronavirus vaccine I would pick for myself - if or when I get vaccinated.

When I asked a trusted medical doctor for his advice about coronavirus vaccinations, he mentioned an option that I hadn't thought of yet: "If you aren't in a risk group and can wait, then wait for Novavax to hit the market in autumn 2021."

"Novavax" is both a vaccine and a company. The broader public isn't aware of it yet, but there are some metrics about the company that should make you pay attention:

  • Novavax received USD 2bn in public support to launch its vaccine, more than any other American vaccine company.
  • Countries around the world have already ordered 1.4 BILLION Novavax doses, which earlier this year made it the second-most ordered vaccine on record.
  • Those countries with pending pre-orders aren't just developing nations but include the US (110m doses), the UK (60m), and Australia (51m).

Science Magazine asked whether Novavax is going to produce the "best" coronavirus vaccine.

Would you have known about these details? If not, it's probably worth your time to read on.

"Dollar stores" are coming to Europe

IWG cover

IWG plc: the hybrid work model stock

The next Argentinean crisis investing opportunity

The next Argentinean crisis investing opportunity

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Apollo Global: the next Berkshire Hathaway?

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Novavax: The "best" coronavirus vaccine and an undervalued stock?

Novavax: The "best" coronavirus vaccine and an undervalued stock?

Can coronavirus vaccine maker Novavax profit from the vast majority of unvaccinated people, and make vaccine sceptics fall in love with it?

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"Dollar stores" are coming to Europe

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