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Your unique, nonconformist approach to investing and life is second to none and those who are following you are always benefiting on multiple levels. Who would have thought that there are still huge treasure chests waiting to be dug out, not with the shovels and pickaxes of the past but with curiosity, wisdom, persistence and diligence?

Andreas S., Vienna

Swen Lorenz is offering one of the world's cheapest investor clubs. For just $50 per year (or €4 per month), you get more value than from any investor magazine. There are certainly other specialised investment newsletters that are similarly fascinating and successful, but these usually cost 10-20 times more!

Andreas Lambrou, emerging market specialist and publisher, Berlin

Have read through all your reports and just want to thank you again for the amazing insight. Can't tell you how valuable and interesting I find them, just what I am looking for.

Steve P., Australia


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