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Mid-cap bid target

28 March 2024

Western Europe has many industry-leading mid-cap companies that are hardly known among investors.

The company featured in this report:

  • Commands a 50% market share in its industry in Europe (= duopoly).
  • Has hardly any risk of decreasing demand for its products.
  • Is trading at just 6x EBITDA, or even less.
  • Has started to grow at a clip of 30-40% p.a. in a major overseas market.

Despite a market cap of >EUR 500m, few analysts or fund managers follow the stock.

Yet, they should.

The company's CEO and COO have been given a strong financial incentive to at least double the share price by mid-2026.

It looks likely that they will succeed.

British going-private candidate

Frasers Group: The Berkshire Hathaway of British retail

Formula One Group: moving up a gear

In the crosshairs of private equity

London, 11 June 2024
New York, 13 June 2024

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Mid-cap bid target

Mid-cap bid target

The company's CEO and COO have been given a strong financial incentive to at least double the share price by mid-2026. They are likely to succeed.

British going-private candidate

British going-private candidate

This small-cap has 50-100% upside in case of a going-private bid, and at least just as much upside if no bid materialised. How is that possible?

Frasers Group: The Berkshire Hathaway of British retail

Frasers Group: The Berkshire Hathaway of British retail

The stock of leading British retailer Frasers Group should have investors chomping at the bits to buy a stake.