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The country of Novo Nordisk




23 - 25 May 2024 - SOLD OUT

A small market with lots of choice

Some hands-on, real-life research on Denmark's investment opportunities.

Denmark may be a country of just 6m people, but in terms of publicly listed companies, it's punching far above its weight:

  • Novo Nordisk is Europe's most valuable company when measured by market cap.
  • ALK-Abelló is one of Denmark's hidden champions, with a 35% global market share in allergy treatments.
  • Scandinavian Tobacco is the world's leader for cigars.

The Copenhagen Stock Exchange offers a lot more choice for investors than most investors would be aware of. It makes you wonder:

  • Which famous brand names are listed in Copenhagen?
  • What are up-and-coming Danish healthcare companies?
  • Which Danish blue-chip companies may be worth investigating in more detail?

Join me on a three-day trip to Copenhagen to get a better understanding of the Danish market, look at several promising companies, and enjoy some local experiences as well as networking with like-minded individuals.

Overall, there is capacity for 14 participants.

A small market with lots of choice

Denmark investor trip 2024

About the trip


A dozen people – fund managers, family offices, high-net-worth investors, analysts, or journalists/podcasters/bloggers – can join the trip.


We will spend two days visiting publicly listed companies in and around Copenhagen. To make sure we maximise the time that we have available for meetings, our group is going to have its own bus.

In the evenings, we'll share dinner. One of the attractions of such trips is that you can meet like-minded people.

For those who can stay around for the third day (Saturday, 25 May 2024), we'll get a private tour of Copenhagen by "Politically Incorrect Tours". My briefing to them: "We are impossible to offend, so give us your best!"


Meetings have been arranged with the following publicly listed companies:

Software for the digital transformation of the knowledge economy
EUR 900m market cap

Scandinavian Tobacco
200 brands, world's #1 for cigars and pipe tobacco
EUR 1.4bn market cap

35% global market share in allergy treatments
EUR 3.3bn market cap

Bavarian Nordic
Vaccines against infectious diseases and cancer
EUR 1.7bn market cap

#1 worldwide for offshore wind farms
EUR 21bn market cap

Single-use endoscopy devices
EUR 3.5bn market cap

Pharma for brain disease
EUR 800m market cap

Wind turbine manufacturer
EUR 25bn market cap

Royal Unibrew
Danish beer brands and strong presence in the Baltics
EUR 3bn market cap


Bus travel, joint dinners and similar will be charged at cost (EUR 600). Participants will have to book their own travel to Denmark, airport transfers and accommodation.

Interested in joining?

This event is now fully booked.

There are likely to be more such investor trips in the future so check back on here for any updates (and don't forget, as a Lifetime Member, you always get priority booking!).

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