I regularly collaborate with other bloggers and Vloggers to create videos. Some of them deal with the articles and reports I have published on this website, others deal with entirely different subjects. It’s also worth checking out my collaborators’ websites.

Jens Rabe

In-depth discussion on analysing shares, based on the example of Gazprom (in German)

15 June 2019

How to be ahead of the crowd? That's the key question I discussed with Jens during a half-hour conversation, and centred around the example of Gazprom. This was the most fun (and most popular) talk I have done with Jens so far. If you speak German, this video is highly recommended!

As always, this video is only available on Jens’ YouTube channel:

Jens Rabe

We are looking at a European take-over target (in German)

8 June 2019

Most of the time, I analyse stocks that are great long-term investments. However, sometimes I do feature investments that have a shorter time-frame. In my latest interview with Jens in Germany, we talk about a technology company that could make us 60% in 6-18 months. As usual, we cover a lot of ground and also discuss investment analysis and investment strategies.

As always, this video is only available on Jens’ YouTube channel:

Sven Carlin

Deep-dive into Gazprom

28 May 2019

My Amsterdam-based colleague Sven Carlin has long shared my interest in Gazprom. We sat down for a 40-minute chat about some of the lesser-known aspects of the company, and why they could soon drive the share price yet higher. This video provides a taster of the two in-depth Gazprom reports that I have published in my Members' section.

Sven’s fast-growing YouTube channel, which has grown from 0 to 40,000 followers in less than two years, is available here:

Jens Rabe

Meet-up in Monte-Carlo to discuss SBM shares (in German)

25 May 2019

My German investment buddy Jens happened to be in Monaco at the same time that I was carrying out research there. We sat down in a street-side cafe to talk about the Société des Bains de Mer ("SBM"), the legendary Paris-listed company that owns vast amounts of real estate and trophy businesses in the Principality. You, too, could own a piece of Monaco real estate through SBM! The video is in German. 

Jens' popular German YouTube channel is available here:

Sven Carlin

Discussing our current European Takeover Target

29 April 2019

Sven Carlin used to teach finance at university, but nowadays spends 100% of his time on his fast-growing, popular YouTube investment channel. He is a value investing expert who has both a PhD and a published book to his name. In this video, Amsterdam-based Sven and I discuss an opportunity in the European takeover arena. Is it "The Best Trade of 2019"? You be the judge!

You can find Sven Carlin's YouTube channel here:

Jens Rabe

Talk show with Swen Lorenz (in German)

25 April 2019

German options strategist, Jens Rabe, shares my philosophy of seeking out companies that are undervalued, and where a catalyst of some kind is likely going to lead to a higher valuation. I sat down with him to talk through the investment case of Porsche SE / Volkswagen. Jens’ studio is a short distance from a Volkswagen plant, so I faced some well-informed, critical questions!

For anyone interested in options strategies, Jens’ German-language website is:

Jens Rabe

Talk show with Swen Lorenz (in German)

20 April 2019

Jens Rabe is Germany’s leading expert for option strategies, and he is an old friend who has a similar approach to investing. To kick off a regular series of talk shows, we sat together in his office for this 45-minute background chat. New, shorter videos about specific investment ideas and themes will follow every month.

His German-language website for anyone interested in options trading: