European technology takeover target

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European technology takeover target

26 April 2019

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If you can guess the name of the company based on the following bread crumbs, then you won't need to become a Member of this website:

  • EUR 2bn market cap.
  • Liquid stock traded on a major European exchange.
  • Top 3 global market position.
  • Ample cash flow from a well-established operation.
  • Strategic asset desired by the likes of Microsoft or Apple.
  • 31% to 69% upside in the case of a bid.

I expect a bid for this company to come in sometime during the next 12-18 months, or possibly a lot earlier given that there are likely a dozen or so interested parties.

If this sounds like an investment opportunity you'd like to learn more about, read my 30-page research report.

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|  What readers said about this report

Bernd P.
May 2021

I really like that you take a clear stand - such as with (company name hidden by - even if it's not so positive!!

Thomas N.
July 2019

[...] Thanks to you, I also got into Gazprom (unfortunately too little) and (company name hidden by (unfortunately just after the mega dividend) and can already report some nice book profits on these positions! […]

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4 May 2021

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3 April 2020

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23 October 2019

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8 August 2019

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22 May 2019

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20 May 2019

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