East Coast Meet-ups 2023

Reader get-togethers in the United States


Miami, New York City, and Washington, D.C.

28-30 November 2023

Meeting like-minded people

A chance for Undervalued-Shares.com readers to get to know each other.

Washington event

Undervalued-Shares.com has long organised get-togethers in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, the Channel Islands and elsewhere… Finally, the same has been done for readers based in the US!

  • In Miami, I co-organised a dinner with Cody Shirk, a long-standing personal friend and author of the Explorer Partnership. 25 readers joined the event.
  • In New York City, I organised a drinks get-together at the rooftop bar of a midtown hotel.
  • In Washington, D.C, I brought together half a dozen readers.

Keep an eye out for further events in the US in 2024, including more gatherings co-organised with Cody Shirk.

Meeting like-minded people

Washington event

What were the meet-ups about?

The format

Informal get-togethers for dinner or drinks. No formal presentations, no sales pitches. Just like-minded people coming together to talk about subjects of common interest, and to make new friends and professional contacts.

The participants

Private investors, fund managers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and free spirits!

What participants said

  • "No one else organises something like this for the DC area, let's please do this again!"
  • "It was lovely to meet you in person and get to know you better. I also heard the most incredible stories that will live long in memory, thanks to you."
  • "Great to meet you and the other subscribers!"
  • "Great meeting you Swen. I really enjoyed making your acquaintance. I’d very much like to keep the conversation going."

Interested in similar events?

Further such meet-ups will be organised in locations across North America in 2024.

Any upcoming events will be published on this website, and don't forget: Lifetime Members always get first pickings for events with limited spaces!

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