My 2006/07 books

I have always enjoyed travelling the world to carry out on-the-ground research of unusual, and often exotic, investments. Back in 2006 and 2007, my travels inspired me to write two German-language books: Reisenotizen eines Börsenprofis ("Travelling Notes of a Stock Market Professional").

They became niche bestsellers in Germany and gained a bit of a cult following.

My two books from 2006/07

The hardcopies of the books are sold out and nowadays quite difficult to get hold of. The books retailed for EUR 24.80, and hard copies that surface on Amazon often ask for EUR 200. By arrangement with my publisher, I can now make the soft copies of the books available to you. Please visit my web shop to buy them for USD 8.99 each.

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DWAC: Trump SPAC, growth stock, election tool?

DWAC: Trump SPAC, growth stock, election tool?

Digital World Acquisition Corp. has agreed to merge with Trump Media & Technology Group. The new company will be polarising but fascinating to watch – or invest in!

Petrobras cover

Petrobras: time to love oil again

Between 2022 and 2025, Brazil's national oil producer Petrobras is expected to pay out dividends totalling >100% of the current share price.

The Baby Amazon of South America

The Baby Amazon of South America

South America's #1 ecommerce specialist is now working to become the #1 in fintech, too. The stock’s recent volatility makes for an attractive entry point.