Special Editions 2023-25

Readers often asked me:

  • "Are you going to write another book?"
  • "Will this book be available in English?"
  • "If you write a book in English, will there also be a German version?"

The answer to all of this is "Yes" - and there'll be not just one new book, but three!

  • Book #1 (in 2023:) Discovering exciting investments around the world.
  • Book #2 (in 2024): Collected thoughts on investment strategy.
  • Book #3 (in 2025:) Trendspotting to predict the next ten years.

If you liked the books that I published in 2006/07, you'll will certainly LOVE these ones. I want them to be more than just my musings put into print, and I do have a number of ideas to make them extra special - hence "Special Editions".

Each book will be handmade, using rare, unusual materials, and only a limited number of these books will be made available.

The complete trilogy is now available to pre-order - and you can even participate in its making.

If you pre-order now, you'll get the chance to help create a set of outstanding books, learn something new, network with other investors, and add a valuable collectible to your bookshelf.

If you aren't interested in actively contributing at all, you can of course still place a pre-order, and have the books delivered on publication. I'm planning to include one or the other timely investment idea, so getting them early might also turn out profitable.

How the books are being made

A 'mea culpa' – and a date for the first chapter

A trip around the world – my upcoming book!

During the past two months, I ploughed on with book-related works, and the stacks of research material now sitting on my massive desk literally represent the entire world.

Gavin Rookledge

Wanted: Contributors to my trilogy of investment books

If you like and my reports, you'll will certainly LOVE these books. I want them to be more than just my musings put into print, and I do have a number of ideas to make them extra special.

The Russian reindeer leather

A real treasure: the material for my first book!

My aim has always been for my Special Editions to become valuable collector's items - which is why I've dug deep into my very own archive to source a unique material for book #1. Join me for the big reveal (spoiler alert: includes a video starring yours truly)!

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4x from a deal with Ukraine?

4x from a deal with Ukraine?

If or when Russian securities become fungible again, this stock could move quite quickly – as, indeed, it has already started to do.

Wind energy – turnaround ahead?

Wind energy – turnaround ahead?

Wind energy stocks are currently down-and-out. Some are better prepared than others to leave this difficult period behind – such as this one.

Laggard turning growth stock

Laggard turning growth stock

This European market leader has a 3x-5x upside over the coming 3-5 years if new management gets its growth engines revved up again. Will it?