Special Editions 2023-25

A trip around the world – my upcoming book!

2022 is drawing to a close, and it's been quite the year.

It was also the year when I wanted to publish the first of my upcoming trilogy of books.

However, I temporarily got sidetracked by an unexpected project that was too good not to pursue. It includes an investment angle, and you might read about it in the media next year. To my shame, accepting this extra work did delay my plans to produce the first book. Life simply got in the way, as they say.

That said, I am now finally back on track. During the past two months, I ploughed on with book-related works, and the stacks of research material now sitting on my massive desk literally represent the entire world.

Written in the spirit of my two (German-speaking) cult books from 2006/07, the first new book will once again be about discovering exciting investments around the world – the unique combination of travel writing, history, and investment research that my readers enjoy getting from me.

Fancy a sneak preview? Here's the list of destinations that I have lined up for the first book:

Chapter 1: Florida

Chapter 2: The US as a whole

Chapter 3: Saudi Arabia

Chapter 4: Lebanon

Chapter 5: Cyprus

Chapter 6: Former colonies of the UK, France, and Germany (as a theme)

Chapter 7: Democratic Republic of Congo

Chapter 8: United Kingdom

Chapter 9: Switzerland

Chapter 10: Colombia

Chapter 11: Uruguay and/or Argentina

Chapter 12: New Zealand

Chapter 13: Singapore

Chapter 14: Hong Kong

Chapter 15: Undisclosed location

Chapter 16: Sark

But there is more to it than just me sitting in a quiet room to churn out chapters.

To make it more exciting, I'll actively involve my readers in the writing – and thus give them (including yourself!) a chance to leave their fingerprints in these books.

Those among you who place a pre-order can take part in some of the books' creation. While I'm churning out the chapters, I will host several webinars and chat groups to discuss selected excerpts and ideas, and then work the collective feedback into the books. I will take everyone's critique and input onboard for the final version that goes into print. As legitimate contributor, you can have your name printed in the books.

The process is going to kick off next month:

12 January 2023: delivery of an excerpt from the first chapter.

19 January 2023: Zoom call with buyers to discuss this excerpt.

I'll be hosting this call in German and English, just as all of the books will be available in both German and English.

Thereafter, a schedule of monthly collaboration with the book's registered buyers will unfold. I've come up with a plan of how to keep this varied, engaging and exciting.

For now, I am only going to sell my trilogy as a "Special Edition" – limited to 999 copies per book, all individually handmade in expensive materials by one of the world's leading bookbinders. They are currently still available for USD 849 each or USD 2,499 for the entire trilogy. In case you wonder, I haven't decided yet if there will ever be a Regular Edition. Maybe, maybe not.

Join us in the making of!

As you can gather, this is a bit of a passion project of mine. I already have an exciting group of readers signed up for it, and you'd be more than welcome to join us.

If nothing else, you'll get the chance to lay your hands on some 200+ year old material that the first book will be bound in. Scroll to the bottom of this page to watch a video with more details.

If you aren't sure yet if you'd like to join this endeavour, keep an eye out for the occasional update. I am not going to flood my registered readers with promos for this book, but will send out an update whenever I have something truly worthwhile to share.

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