A future Internet household name?

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A future Internet household name?

22 April 2020

The company featured in today's report:

  • Has tripled its annual revenue since 2017 (to triple-digit millions).
  • Has already facilitated over 50m individual transactions.
  • Is used by paying customers in 160 countries.
  • Has a high rate of repeat customers (57%).
  • Has more than doubled its annual revenue per customer over the past five years.
  • Is 22% owned by its management team.
  • Has the backing of a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, which previously backed successful start-ups such as LinkedIn and Instagram.

The company's market cap is slightly above USD 1bn. It's not a tiny small-cap company anymore, but it's far from ranking among global Internet giants.

That could change, though. The company is in the pole position to capture a market that is almost too large an opportunity to be true.

The company does not make money yet, and its further growth might require injecting more capital. The company is not without risks, and the valuation of its share divides investors (short-sellers also love the company!).

However, stocks that can multiply in value simply come with a higher risk. The stock trades on one of the world's largest stock exchanges, anyone can access it.

It's a very exciting opportunity for the very reason that it is slightly different from what I usually feature on Undervalued-Shares.com. It also ties in with a lot of the technology trends that are likely going to be accelerated by the coronavirus crisis.

My video & podcast about Fiverr

Ash Perera

Is Fiverr the 'Amazon of freelance'?

17 November 2020

Fiverr, the Israeli freelance services marketplace for businesses, has a lot going for it: gross margins of over 80%, achieved profitability before expected, revenue growth of 82%, expanding base of repeat customers and a fantastic management team, to name just a few.

This podcast with Ash takes you on a deep dive into the company, and uncovers how best to find investment ideas in the fast-changing decade that we live in.

Please visit Buzzsprout to listen to this podcast on other platforms, like Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Ash Perera

Fiverr: A deep dive

20 November 2020

Why should you own Fiverr for the entire 2020s?

In my 23-minute chat with Ash, we take a deep look at the Israeli freelance services marketplace for businesses. What are the company's fundamentals and growth drivers, and how does it benefit from the change and opportunity that this decade presents?

Ash's YouTube channel is available here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXefjj0OBTh8foKemlgC7KQ

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6 October 2020

Report Update:
Update on Fiverr (PDF, 0.3MB)

29 July 2020

Report Update:
Update on Fiverr (PDF, 0.3MB)

27 May 2020

Report Update:
Update on Fiverr (PDF, 0.1MB)

8 May 2020

Report Update:
Update on Fiverr (PDF, 0.1MB)