Novavax: The "best" coronavirus vaccine and an undervalued stock?

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Novavax: The "best" coronavirus vaccine and an undervalued stock?

30 July 2021

What readers said about this report

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate against the coronavirus? As a self-proclaimed vaccine sceptic, I found ONE coronavirus vaccine that I could actually live with.

After speaking to a medical doctor, weighing the risks and looking at the big picture, I will wait for Novavax to hit the market (which is my personal choice and not medical advice of any kind).

My research of this controversial subject has also made me realise there is a potential investment opportunity hiding in plain sight. If only half of what I concluded turns out to be right, Novavax stock has a realistic potential to go up in value by a factor of 2.5 - 8.

Based on what is known today, this company is gearing up to produce the vaccine that:

  • Scores very high in terms of efficacy (if not highest).
  • Is equal or lower on side effects than other vaccines.
  • Could have the longest-lasting immunity (outside of natural immunity, of course).
  • Has minimal production costs.
  • Can easily be distributed in developing countries.
  • Is based on science that has been known for decades.

Does that sound like it was worth investigating?

Novavax could turn into an outlier for both investors and vaccine users. If either aspect interests you, this report should give you useful food for thought.

So confident am I about the details contained in my report, that I don't mind sharing the name of the company upfront (the stock is highly liquid). Frankly, if you now dash out to buy this stock without having read the entire background, then it's you who is missing out.

Do you want to give it a shot? (No pun intended.)

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|  What readers said about this report

Sebastian K.
August 2021

Following the excellent analysis of Novavax I decided to sign up for a Lifetime Membership. This one trade alone paid for it.

Martin P.
August 2021

I just got around to reading your piece on Novavax. In a way I'm glad of the delay, as I might have rushed to get in and experienced the stomach-churning volatility you mentioned in your update today.

The investment case is intriguing, but the known and unknown unknowns make it a bit of a punt for me right now. I'll follow the story with interest though and may well take the plunge when there's a bit more clarity on the production issues.

But the part I really enjoyed in your report was the opening section on your own vaccination journey. In a world where the global Ministry of Truth is dictating the narrative, it's so refreshing to read a well-researched and well-argued piece of critical thinking about anything virus related.

Eugene M.
August 2021

I think for a non-scientist, your insights of this product are quite good and more importantly, from an investing perspective, the value for Novavax is much better than Moderna and BionTech.

Alan B.
August 2021

I would think that you would have received a large number of emails by this point on Novavax, however, I have to say that your timing was absolutely impeccable on this one, rather quite remarkable.

Very well done indeed and as all your reports a joy to read.

Fiona S.
August 2021

A great read, thank you! Especially as I fall into the middle camp on the vaccine story.

Marshall B.
July 2021

You did it again. Fascinating report. Like you, I've planned that if it becomes necessary to get poked, I'll research the various vaccines and decide which one to get instead of letting a doctor or clinic give me whatever arbitrary serum they're dispensing. So Chapter 1 of this report is a great help to me in that research when it becomes necessary. That's in addition to the investment issue, on which I have placed an order.

But none of that is what I found most interesting about the report.

I thought you and I are at polar opposites on politics. Then along comes this report, where you lambast the war in Iraq, media complicity in political lies, corporate greed, curtailment of personal freedom in the response to the coronavirus, people’s reliance on medicines for health instead of good food, and the hypocrisy of governments pushing vaccines while not lifting a finger to reduce consumption of garbage food. On one point after another, I was amazed to find you singing in my choir.

Daniel N.
July 2021

Thanks for your courage to expose your non-mainstream attitude to this topic.

I mainly concur with what you write and with your thoughts. I hadn't come across Novavax yet.

An mRNA vaccination was rather out of the question for me and I predominantly put my trust in a healthy immune system. In times of increasing discrimination against non-vaccinated people and increasing pressure, Novavax looks like a good option to regain (travel) freedom with a more predictable risk of long-term consequences. I will do some more research on this - thanks for the pointer and the great report on Nova! The company's story is quite adventurous - shortly before the off like Phoenix from the ashes. I'm curious to see where the company will be in 2-3 years.

I can imagine that Novavax will be a hit especially in emerging markets, because of A) low costs and B) low requirements for cooling. In the medium term, the company should also benefit above average as a result of its low production costs, provided the C-vaccination becomes a commodity, and it should be well received by people who prefer tried and tested methods.

Sergio P.
July 2021

Thank you for your report on Novavax.

I had already bought some shares few weeks ago, with a shorter investment time frame.

I'm aiming to play it before the full approval of the current « vaccines »… technically, I'm afraid of the real numbers on efficacy and side-effects. Otherwise, until then, there's almost certainly no way any other drug (pills like) will be approved, so they can keep emergency usage of the « vaccines ». If any alternative medication is approved, bye bye emergency usage, at least in North America.

After that, I think the Pharma scenario will settle more or less like it did with the Flu (that began in 2009). The big companies will dominate the market and provide the maintenance annual shot(s), which I believe it'll be in lesser number than it actually is.

I don’t believe the worldwide compulsory vaccination will be sustainable. It has been way too many lies, manipulation and enormous collateral damage so far. Although far from the majority, there's way too many people aware that they’ve been played. I think the big guys will be victims of their success this time. The house of cards will eventually implode; as your doctor told you, you can't keep this massive data obstruction going for too long.

And, it's very pleasant to see your attitude towards the whole situation and the vaccine (I wouldn't expect otherwise from you).

And, no, what we have today against this virus does not fill the criteria to be called vaccines; most of all, it does not prevent you from catching or transmitting the disease.

Andreas A.
July 2021

Once again a very interesting research report. Many thanks.

Roman R.
July 2021

Interesting way out that you show there. Really a great analysis!

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