Twitter - Limited downside and a surprisingly large upside

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Twitter - Limited downside and a surprisingly large upside

20 November 2020

Twitter is a massively unpopular stock. Over 75% of analysts who follow Twitter are downbeat about its prospects.

It is so out of favour right now, that it is one of the lowest-valued stocks among major social media and online advertising companies.

Who in their right mind would touch the stock right now?

I would!

My latest 48-page report offers a non-consensus viewpoint about the company.

Somewhat surprisingly, there is substantial hard evidence for Twitter already turning the corner. There are even early indications that the company could once again become a high-growth story.

With a combination of growth and multiple expansion, Twitter stock could turn into a multi-bagger over the next three to five years. With this in mind, it’s a bit clearer why Elliott Management called the stock “dramatically undervalued” and pumped one billion dollars into the investment. 

At the same time, the downside seems relatively limited. The stock is so cheap that if it were to fall any further, it would become a takeover target for private equity companies. One private equity that had previously considered a bid for Twitter, took a USD 1bn stake earlier this year. Honi soit qui mal y pense. 

Limited downside and fairly large upside are a rare combination in today’s market, all the more among highly liquid technology stocks.

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