Twitter - Limited downside and a surprisingly large upside

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Twitter - Limited downside and a surprisingly large upside

20 November 2020

What readers said about this report

Twitter is a massively unpopular stock. Over 75% of analysts who follow Twitter are downbeat about its prospects.

It is so out of favour right now, that it is one of the lowest-valued stocks among major social media and online advertising companies.

Who in their right mind would touch the stock right now?

I would!

My latest 48-page report offers a non-consensus viewpoint about the company.

Somewhat surprisingly, there is substantial hard evidence for Twitter already turning the corner. There are even early indications that the company could once again become a high-growth story.

With a combination of growth and multiple expansion, Twitter stock could turn into a multi-bagger over the next three to five years. With this in mind, it’s a bit clearer why Elliott Management called the stock “dramatically undervalued” and pumped one billion dollars into the investment.

At the same time, the downside seems relatively limited. The stock is so cheap that if it were to fall any further, it would become a takeover target for private equity companies. One private equity that had previously considered a bid for Twitter, took a USD 1bn stake earlier this year. Honi soit qui mal y pense.

Limited downside and fairly large upside are a rare combination in today’s market, all the more among highly liquid technology stocks.

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|  What readers said about this report

Michael H.
November 2021

Wow congrats, your statement regarding the Twitter CEO has come true! Congratulations for your great instinct. I'm curious how Twitter is now going to develop.

Günter E.
April 2021

Twitter has been a joy so far, Porsche even more!

Julius G.
March 2021

I really liked the Just Eat and, above all, the Twitter analysis, and I have invested in both companies. I find it amazing how you published the report on Twitter shortly before the rally, similar to Gazprom at the end of 2018. Respect!

Moritz H.
March 2021

I am wowed by your in-depth research, and your different way of seeing things gives me new food for thought (I thought Twitter would suffer from Trump's exit. You went against the mainstream and the share price shows you were right.).

Marko H.
February 2021

Regardless of whether it's Twitter, Porsche, Gazprom or (company name hidden by, your reports are really great and regularly get me in front of the wave.

Christian H.
February 2021

I've seen you in an interview with Jens Rabe and have since read quite a bit from you and followed your tips/recommendations/ideas. My Twitter investment, for instance, is already almost 20% up, many thanks for that!

John P.
February 2021

Had to drop you a note to congratulate you on your 1/15 report, reaffirming your conviction on Twitter. Glad I acted on it and got in just before it took off on the current run! Next question is what to do since it's up close to 50% in a month, far more than what you thought was possible for the year. I know it's a tough position to be in, LOL; thanks to you.

Bartłomiej P.
February 2021

Well done on Twitter!!! and I guess thanks too. You raised my awareness about the name with the initial report, I debated that a lot with a fellow investor (he's followed it since IPO) and I invested myself at around $45 in Jan - can't believe that level now!

Lucas V.
February 2021

Sold twitter today with 35% profit yaay! 🙂

February 2021

Just want to give you thumbs up for getting the twitter story out there earlier than others. Now everyone is talking twitter but thanks to you I got the conviction to buy a good amount of shares last month. already paid back my annual subscription many times over with the gains so far.

Wulf S.
January 2021

I’m always happy to get news from Undervalued Shares, because it always opens up new horizons. It's not like I jump on it every time and buy straight away (e.g. not (company name hidden by, but things like (company name hidden by, Gazprom, Twitter or Just Eat are also mega-interesting from a content point of view and of course convey a depth of information that one would normally never get without very deep research. Keep it up!

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