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100 times your money?

7 October 2019

My website tries to combine the practical with the educational. I aim to deliver in-depth reports about companies that most investors can easily buy into, combined with background information that helps my readers become better investors.

This report about an (unnamed) company builds on the eight timeless principles that Chris Mayer, who systematically studied the subject, has identified for finding potential '100-baggers'.

It's not a speculative resource stock that could go to zero if the next round of drilling turns up empty.

It's not a risky start-up either.

The company in question has already achieved the following:

  • Winning some of the world's largest global corporations as client.
  • Convincing a high-profile investor to buy a stake.
  • Generating well over EUR 100m in annual revenue.

Crucially, the company's CEO is also its biggest shareholder. I do like a CEO who's fully aligned with shareholder interests.

The investment case for this company is only emerging now, and a few pieces of the puzzle are still missing. Chances are, once it has all become more evident, the stock is no longer going to be available at the current price.

For obvious reasons, I am blurring out the company's name so that only Members get to read about it.

Special offer if you are not a Member yet, and only while stocks last: The definitive book about the subject is "100 Baggers – Stocks that Return 100-to-1 and How to Find Them", by the inimitable Chris Mayer, fund manager and fellow blogger. If you purchase my USD 49 Annual Membership, you'll get a hardcopy of Mayer's book thrown in for free (worldwide postage included). All you need to do is enter 100BAGGER (in capitals) in the "Coupon Code" field on my sign-up form.

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