A groundfloor opportunity in gaming and esports

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A groundfloor opportunity in gaming and esports

12 August 2021

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The game is on: gaming has become a massive global industry. In 2020 alone, the global computer game market achieved revenue of USD 159bn - three times the size of the global music industry and four times the size of the film industry. And it has a lot further to run: the next five years should see annual growth of 16-21% (i.e. the industry doubling in size).

"Esports" are an offspring of the gaming industry and also fast-growing, with a global audience that is already much bigger than anything you will have thought possible. Some esports events already attract an audience the size of the Super Bowl, yet they generate just 10% of the income of traditional sports events. Esports are where sponsors get the most bang for their buck – which will create a lot of interest for this sector. Investing in esports today is a bit like investing in Internet advertising in the mid-2000s.

There is one European company that has a strong market position in both gaming and esports – and it is now looking to turn itself into a global giant.

"Surely, every company has large ambitions", you might say.

"True, but what if this company has already caught the eye of the world's largest pay-TV company?"

Smart money has already started to mop up shares.

The company in question has kept a pretty low profile for the past two years, but this is going to change. In early December 2021, its new set-up will be revealed to investors, and I expect this new growth story to convince the public.

If this company was based in the US or Asia, it'd probably already have investors crawling all over it. Since it's based in Europe, there is the usual time lag before things take off.

The stock in question has a market cap of >EUR 1bn. It trades in Frankfurt and other European markets.

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|  What readers said about this report

Kevin K.
August 2021

It's great to see you cover a gaming-related company! Spending rather much time on this sector myself, you even managed to find a company I have never heard of before.

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25 January 2022

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16 November 2021

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