A multi-bagger from the Falkland Islands?

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Exclusive report for Lifetime Members only

A multi-bagger from the Falkland Islands?

7 October 2022

The new UK government under Liz Truss has put energy independence on the agenda:

  • Fracking will once again be allowed in the UK.
  • The remaining North Sea oil reserves have become a new strategic priority, and will soon see a resurgence of activity.
  • The "British energy security strategy", updated in April 2022, calls for "a power supply that's made in Britain, for Britain".

As a result, it's now only a matter of time before the investing public once again wakes up to the long-dormant subject of the Falkland Islands' oil reserves. The Falklands are British-affiliated territory, and one where British oil exploration companies have long had a presence. It's one of the most obvious options for dealing with the new energy situation, and it happens to be extremely well-guarded militarily.

I've been following this slow-burning investment opportunity for years. Now is the time to present it to you.

The company featured in this report is the only Falkland focussed firm that I believe is currently worth investing in in the short term – and which comes with a very unusual (unique even) investment case with a potential multi-bagger return.

The company's fundamentals are probably quite unlike anything you have seen elsewhere. During the next 6-12 months (and possibly as soon as the next few weeks), the stock is likely to experience a change in perception and narrative.

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