An asymmetric opportunity – and it's a bank!

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An asymmetric opportunity – and it's a bank!

1 November 2023

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Buying an asset on the cheap is one thing.

Being given an asset FOR FREE is another thing altogether.

Especially if there is a very real prospect of that free asset being sold for a nine-digit (!) cash sum in the foreseeable future. To round it all off, the sales proceeds (or a significant part thereof) could come to shareholders as a special dividend.

One particular bank stock piqued my interest because it combines:

  • Dirt-cheap valuation both in absolute and relative terms.
  • A "bonus asset" valued at zero but potentially worth nine digits.
  • Lots of cash probably making its way back to shareholders.
  • A short-term catalyst due on 3 November 2023.
  • Medium-term catalysts to provide further fuel for the stock price.

If it all plays out, investors will get about half of their cash back and then own a stock that will yield 15% p.a. initially, and rise closer to 25% p.a. over the following years.

The company in question is in a market leading position, and its stock has daily trading volume in the millions.

I believe it has a realistic chance of rising 50-100% over the coming 12-18 months.

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|  What readers said about this report

David M.
January 2024

I loved your (company name hidden by write up. That position is working out brilliantly for me, thank you for another brilliant research report there.

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