British Airways: A 15% p.a. compounder for the 2020s?

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British Airways: A 15% p.a. compounder for the 2020s?

17 January 2020

International Airlines Group's stock price is up 220% over the past ten years. Compare that to Lufthansa, up just 29% since 2010. Or Air France/KLM, down 9% over the past decade. 

Here are a few facts you might not be aware of. IAG features: 

  • The highest profitability of all major European airline companies.
  • Low indebtedness and multi-billion cash reserves.
  • A 100% flawless track record in acquiring other airlines and making them profitable. 

My report covers aspects that you are unlikely to find spelled out in detail elsewhere. 

For example: 

  • Why higher oil prices and a recession would ultimately be good for IAG's business.
  • How BA could use its multi-billion-pound portfolio of airport slots to make some waves on the financial markets – a little-known but fascinating subject.
  • IAG's little-known plans for Madrid-Barajas, or "Heathrow 2" as I like to call it. 

The report even includes facts and figures that I assume the company would rather not see circulate in public. I managed to procure them regardless, using the growing network of industry experts I count among my readers.

I don't even mind spilling the name of this company in a public part of my site. Unless you have access to my entire report, you'll only know a fraction of the real story. The magic sauce remains reserved for my Members.

The report on IAG/BA concludes my series of three reports that identified investment bargains in "Brexit Britain". The first two have already worked well for my Members. IAG is your third (and final) chance to participate. Read now or regret later.

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