In the crosshairs of private equity

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In the crosshairs of private equity

3 January 2024

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"Thanks to lower interest rates combined with historically low UK stock market valuations, the time could be ripe for a rush of private equity money to bid for UK companies", one media outlet reported recently.

Indeed, Britain remains one of the world's most attractive markets for takeover bids:

  • Record-low valuations.
  • Few restrictions on foreign capital.
  • The world's sixth-largest economy.

Due to the low valuation of the overall market, bid premia in Britain have been way higher than what you'd usually find elsewhere – often 40%, 50%, or even more.

The company featured in today's report is another prime takeover target:

  • Consensus among major shareholders to sell the company.
  • Almost debt-free balance sheet.
  • Strong market share and brand.
  • Lots of recurring revenue.

Relative to other transactions in the same sector, a bid will likely have to be at least 50-75% above the current share price.

This stock has a market cap of just USD 178m.

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|  What readers said about this report

Ashvin J.
January 2024

Great start to 2024 with this report.

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