Strong junior mining candidate for a lucrative bid

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Exclusive report for Lifetime Members only

Strong junior mining candidate for a lucrative bid

17 January 2021

What readers said about this report

The junior mining company featured in this exclusive report has spent over a decade exploring, developing and de-risking a gold field.

So good were the prospects of this gold field, that major shareholders kept funding the company even throughout the brutal bear market of 2011-2019. They knew that their investment was going to pay off handsomely eventually, if only they kept course.

Following difficult years when the stock lost up to 96% of its value, things are now looking up. Once production starts, massive amounts of cash will flow back into the company's coffers.

Its investors could simply lean back and enjoy receiving dividends. However, it's more likely they will receive a bid for the company sometime during the coming 12-18 months.

The stock is still trading at a low valuation, even compared to its peers. For a bid to reflect the underlying asset value and to tempt the major shareholders to sell, it probably has to be at least three times the current stock price. Or more, if the gold price keeps rising.

If no bid occurs, you will have bought into a cash-generating mining operation at a bargain price – not to be sniffed at either, since it'll spit out dividends.

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|  What readers said about this report

Markus M.
January 2021

I had a virtual one-on-one conversation with the CEO of (company name hidden by as part of Mines and Money yesterday. Following the already impressive report this truly was another bonus 🙂

Markus M.
January 2021

(company name hidden by truly is another Lorenz masterpiece!!!

Michael B.
January 2021

Your report on (company name hidden by was very informative. I've been a shareholder of this company for 2 years now.

Thomas A.
January 2021

Many thanks for the quick reply. It definitely helps to hold your horses and not to place unlimited orders straight away. Even though it's difficult as the investment idea is very convincing 😉

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