The Baby Amazon of South America

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The Baby Amazon of South America

23 December 2021

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It's not just ecommerce that has tremendous catch-up potential in South America, but also so-called "fintech".

Across South America, 50% of the population don't have a bank account yet. This stands in stark contrast to the US, where just 4% of the population are unbanked, or the UK with just 1% of its population. South America comprises a vast underserved market.

A new generation of Internet companies have started to offer Internet-based financial services to the 650m people living between Mexico and Argentina.

One of these companies has already risen to become South America's #1 ecommerce specialist. The same company is now working to become the #1 fintech specialist, too.

By offering both ecommerce and fintech services, this company is literally growing a new generation of customers. Once the unbanked can pay online, they will also shop online. And the company that makes it all possible gets to earn revenue from multiple layers of services. Think Amazon and PayPal wrapped into one company.

This particular company is using South America's idiosyncrasies to build an online ecosystem unlike any other. Its founder, CEO and major shareholder has a simple vision: to build the most valuable company of the continent. He already became a multi-billionaire in the process, but his plans go much further.

Every now and again, the company's stock price experiences a drawdown – a decrease of between 30% and 50%. So far, each drawdown was an opportunity to get in before the next massive leg up.

As my report demonstrates, the stock's recent volatility makes for an attractive entry point. There are four key metrics that show why the stock has become cheap again, and you'll immediately get why now is such a good moment to take a closer look.

For long-term investors interested in growth, this is a company worth checking out.

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|  What readers said about this report

Pankaj S.
December 2021

Very timely as I have been following this company for the past few months.

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16 May 2022

Report Update (PDF - 1.1MB)

17 March 2022

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