The best business in the world?

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The best business in the world?

3 March 2022

I used to joke that in terms of their underlying economics, publishing investment newsletters can compete with drug dealing, gun running, and human trafficking. There is an element of truth to that.

The investment newsletter publishing company featured in this report grew its readership in 18 of the past 20 years.

It was profitable in 20 of the past 20 years.

Its founder allegedly put in just USD 50,000 when he started the company. Today, he is worth several hundred million dollars.

Amazingly, this company might now ACCELERATE its growth.

It went public last year, and anyone can now buy its stock.

Provided, of course, you are even aware of this particular opportunity. It's a hidden gem, at least for now.

Even most of the company's 14m customers - all private investors - don't know that they could buy stock.

Should they care?

The stock is down 60% since the company went public last year, and the company's founder recently picked up more stock worth USD 1m.

It's not just insider buys that make be believe that now is the right time to look at this stock. My research report reveals a bunch of other exciting developments that could make the   stock multiply in value over the coming years.

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12 May 2022

Report Update (PDF - 0.2MB)

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