THE electronic payment company from Israel

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THE electronic payment company from Israel

5 March 2021

What readers said about this report

Electronic payment providers are popular with investors:

  • Cash is rapidly being replaced by cards payments.
  • Payment systems usually enjoy a strong "moat".
  • As digital operations, they grow earnings faster than revenue.

Just check out the long-term performance of the two best-known electronic payment companies in the world. Visa is up 62 times since 2001, while Mastercard is up 82 times since 2006.

There is always another chance. This time, the opportunity is hiding in Israel.

I have found an electronic payment provider that is in an earlier phase of its lifecycle, and its stock could go up by a factor of 2-4 over the coming 12-24 months.

There is a catch, though. For most of you, this stock isn't available.

You need a broker that can trade stocks in Israel, or you need to be experienced in trading through the US OTC market.

The company is also fairly small. Its market cap is just USD 200m. Every day, stock worth just USD 200,000 to USD 300,000 changes hands.

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|  What readers said about this report

Jakob H.
April 2021

Thank you again for yet another interesting analysis that you present to us. I like the fact that you look for undervalued stocks that is also related to long term trends and is therefore also likely to be long term compounders. I am now invested in (company name hidden by, (company name hidden by, JET, (company name hidden by, (company name hidden by and (company name hidden by So you definitely have had an impact on my portfolio for the last year or so. I view your reports as inspiration for a modern Munger-like investing approach.

Based on the stories on Poland growth story i also invested in Mo-bruk (Polish) in the ESG area, as i believe that the increased wealth will result in a continued improvement of ESG in generel terms.

Haresh P.
March 2021

It is fascinating to read your report - you don't miss anything!

Christian P.
March 2021

Thanks a lot for another excellent recommendation.

Roman R.
March 2021

Good catch!

Jaeuk S.
March 2021

Motivated by your recent report on (company name hidden by, I went through a deep dive of my own, and concluded that it is a great opportunity.

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