The ONE Polish stock to own for the 2020s

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The ONE Polish stock to own for the 2020s

24 July 2020

Most Polish blue-chip companies are Old Economy firms – cheap but often stuck in a value trap.

Polish tech companies are usually small- and mid-caps, and as such require investors to regularly pay attention to new developments.

Isn't there a stock that combines the best of all worlds?

There is!

I can reveal the ONE Polish stock that ticks many of the right boxes:

  • Dominant market position in its sector (near-monopoly status for 30 years).
  • A well-known brand name, including international recognition.
  • High operating margins, low capital requirements, and plenty of room to grow.
  • Benefitting from the key macro trends that are driving the Polish economy.
  • Low valuation, both in absolute terms and relative to its international peers.
  • Dividend yield of >5%, to make waiting more comfortable.
  • Possibility of the share price multiplying over the years.
  • A market cap of USD 500m and over 50% free-float, i.e. sufficiently liquid trading for private investors.

If you, too, would like some exposure to the Polish growth story with a stock you can buy and tuck away, that's the one investment I'd advise you to check out in more detail.

The stock in question is disclosed in my latest research report.

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