British takeover target

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Alexandre Rotenberg /

British Takeover Target

13 August 2019

Connoisseurs of bid targets will like this report. It contains a wealth of background information about the industry this company is operating in. If you like investment cases that are backed up by lots of industry data, now is your opportunity to geek out.

Summarising the scenario

Among the areas covered by this report are:

  • Comparable transaction in this space over the past ten years, including difficult-to-find information.
  • Critical evaluation of the company's current cash flow projections and why these will likely form the basis for any valuation in a bid scenario, and based on what range of multiples.
  • Detailed analysis of the shareholder roster, which plays a crucial role in why this company is likely going to be sold.

A niche opportunity for a potential quick profit

This website usually looks at companies with a market cap of at least USD 1bn or USD 2bn. The featured company is significantly smaller than that, and it is not a long-term investment either. I'd very much like to see shareholders bought out soon, rather than hold the stock for an extended period. As such, it's not the typical kind of company to be covered by me.

However, it was too good an investment case not to run past my readers. The stock could go up 75% (or even more) once a bid is launched. Its downside is limited. I like situations where investors can enjoy significant upside without having to accept much of a downside.

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