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Don't invest in it if they don't call you crazy!
13 investment trends for a new world

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A few thoughts on Wirecard

Agfa-Gevaert and activist investing in Europe – a case study
Blogs to Watch (part 1): Lyn Alden
Ferrari – the company, the stock, and my car
Is this stock like Amazon in 1997?

Is this stock like Amazon in 1997?

If my instinct is right, this online company is a ground floor opportunity similar to investing in Amazon 20 years ago. It is already world-leading in its market. You could even say that it has created its own market by approaching a problem in a different way than everyone else. It could be a category-defining company.

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13 investment trends for a new world

13 investment trends for a new world

The coronavirus crisis will turn out to be an inflexion point. From here onwards, the world (and stock markets) won’t continue as a linear extrapolation of the past. Here are some thoughts how it might continue.

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Gazprom – is it now or never?

Gazprom – is it now or never?

Gazprom – that lumbering, state-controlled energy giant – is going full capitalist. Vladimir Putin has adopted a new strategy and he wants to maximise the value of the 50.1% stake that is owned by his government. Read all about it in my new report.

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