Brexit bargain

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Brexit bargain

28 September 2019

What readers said about this report

The investment industry has woken up to the "Brexit opportunity". There have now been multiple bids for publicly-listed British companies. These bids often generated huge overnight returns for investors because of Britain's depressed stock market valuations. This report deals with another such candidate.

Prime London real estate – now available for cheap

The company discussed in this report owns one of London's highest-profile real estate locations. The Covent Garden estate gets 44m visitors a year, i.e., it ranks among the world's most famous tourist visitor sites.

It also owns the Earl's Court redevelopment site, which is currently the largest in all of central London.

Specialised real estate investors from New York have recently amassed a publicly disclosed stake in the firm. As the American investors put it, the company in question is currently "materially undervalued". The last time when this New York-based money management firm bought into a British real estate company, investors doubled their money within two years and a hostile bid ensued. Another comparable company, which owned the "Camden Market" estate, has already been taken private through a bid with a 36% premium for shareholders. Sovereign wealth funds, in particular, could be interested in buying the Covent Garden estate.

Announcements about significant changes expected soon

I am analysing a scenario involving a potential bid, as well as the prospects of remaining invested in this company for the long-term. There are several potential developments in the pipeline, such as a possible split of the company into two separately listed entities.

This 24-page report is a comprehensive summary of a little-known company that owns one of the world's highest-profile properties. It is currently significantly undervalued, and there are several potential catalysts that should lead to a higher stock price.

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|  What readers said about this report

Dominik S.
February 2021

Great reading and some inspiration to do my own digging.

Michal B.
January 2021

Of all of ur reports these three stand out now for me as very interesting (company name hidden by, (company name hidden by and (company name hidden by

Chris P.
April 2020

I especially enjoyed your reports on Porsche Automobile Holding SE, Gazprom and (company name hidden by

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