Gazprom – is it now or never?

Gazprom – is it now or never?
27 March 2020

Hand on heart, would you have known the following facts about Gazprom?

  • Of all major European energy companies, Gazprom has the strongest balance sheet.
  • Even after the recent energy price cash, Gazprom is likely to pay an 8% dividend yield for 2020, a 12.6% dividend yield for 2021, and a 17.8% dividend yield for 2023.
  • From 2020 onwards, bonuses for its senior management team will depend on how the stock price is performing.


There is a lot about Gazprom that is not widely known yet. I could go on and on…

When I first featured Gazprom as an investment opportunity in December 2018, it was an undervalued company but one that many thought was a "value trap". I begged to disagree, but few cared. Gazprom then became Russia's #1 performing stock and gained 128%.

Fast forward to March 2020, and Gazprom is once again extremely undervalued (because its stock price has been dragged down by the crash). However, there is a crucial difference to the situation of just a year ago. Today, we know for sure there are multiple reasons why the stock is likely to rise over the coming years.

Enter "10 reasons to be invested in Gazprom for the next 10 years", my latest research report that I've just released to Members.

A lot has happened at the company over the past 12 months. Gazprom – that lumbering, state-controlled energy giant – is going full capitalist.

If you missed the boat last year, the recent market turbulences may actually be a God's gift for you.

A second opportunity awaits.

I'd eat my hat if Gazprom stock wasn't trading much higher in three, five, and ten years. From the very first report onward, I had always called it one of the best long-term investments for the 2020s.

If you want to learn more following the stock's recent 40% decline, now is your chance to do so – read my report! (Apologies if this Weekly Dispatch is not what you are used to, but instead is pointing out my latest research piece. It is simply the best investment insight that I can offer you this week.)

P.S.: I am marooned on my little island in the English Channel, which gives me plenty of time to research and write. There is a LOT of exciting content coming to you over the coming weeks! Wherever you are in these extraordinary times – stay safe and healthy.

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