Is this the must-own e-commerce stock for 2021?

Is this the must-own e-commerce stock for 2021?
25 December 2020

You know an investment case must be good when a successful, USD 2bn hedge fund invests 32% of its client money into one stock.


That's right - THIRTY-TWO percent.

The fund's future is literally staked on this one investment alone.

Which is not surprising, given that there should only be one way for shareholders: up.

The likely future of this company holds one of the following two options:

  • Amazon-style world domination (= 10 times your money within a few years); or
  • A lucrative takeover bid (= double your money before year-end 2021).

Heads you win. Tails you win, too.

Enter Dutch online food delivery company Just Eat (and my exclusive story about one of Europe's least-understood e-commerce companies).

Why online food delivery, why now?

When I researched figures about the online food delivery industry, my mind was blown away.

As Bob van Dijk, the CEO of a USD 75bn investment holding that has invested heavily in the sector, aptly described: "It's probably the largest opportunity I've run into in my life".

Online food delivery is a winner-takes-all industry. Once you have claimed the #1 spot in your market, you own a licence to print money. Winning market share and dominating individual countries are the name of the game.

It's also a growth opportunity of stratospheric size. Market penetration is still low, but increasing fast. The total addressable market is so vast that it's difficult to comprehend just how big this industry could become. Think Millennials not wanting to cook, drones delivering food, and hospitality being one of the world's biggest industries. 

2021 is about to get hot. The online food delivery industry is going to see seismic developments, which could include some surprise mergers and acquisitions. Just Eat will be propelled to the world stage, and investors the world over will start to take notice.

Just Eat is already the world's #1 online food delivery company outside of China, and could grow ten times in revenue and market value over the coming years.

But even if this scenario doesn't play out, and the company falls prey to a hostile takeover (which is a distinct possibility!), it won't be to the disadvantage of its shareholders. The stock is simply valued at too low a price currently.

Either way, shareholders of Just Eat will come out ahead.

I consider it the best stock to own in the online food delivery industry. I actually consider it the must-own global e-commerce stock of 2021.

A lot is afoot behind the scenes, and I've researched it all in detail for my readers.

My latest report, out today, also uncovers a few "wild cards" that could happen in the industry next year. This report will be just as interesting for you, if you are invested (or interested) in DoorDash (ISIN US25809K1051), Uber (ISIN US90353T1007), Delivery Hero (ISIN DE000A2E4K43) or Grubhub (ISIN US4001101025).

You've read it here first

I had the ambition to finish the year 2020 with an outstanding investment case, and one that you won’t have read about elsewhere yet in this form. 

I shan't say more, because details are reserved for Members.

If you'd like to download the report on Just Eat, you can easily do so. Signing up for a Membership takes just a few minutes of your time.

If you'd like to download the report on Just Eat, you can easily do so. Signing up for a Membership takes just a few minutes of your time.

As a Member, you receive 10 in-depth research reports - aka my 10 best investment ideas - every year. You also get access to my library of past reports, and regular updates. All of that for just USD 49 p.a., which is unbeatable value.

Comparable websites charge 10-20 times as much.

Alternatively, you could just spend the same amount of money on a single food delivery. Some of my other readers would thank you for it!

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