British bid target with 75% upside – blame yourself if you miss this one!

British bid target with 75% upside – blame yourself if you miss this one!
13 August 2019

A few minutes ago, I sent a 53-page research report to all Members of my website.

I expect that it's the best report I have published so far this year, and I'm really, really excited about it:

  • I believe it's a No Brainer investment case that is highly likely to generate a profit of at least 75% over the next 12 months, if not earlier. That's a pretty steep profit.
  • It includes sector intelligence that you will be very hard-pressed to find anywhere else. I genuinely believe that this report puts my Members ahead of the curve, and I even expect it to soon circulate within its industry.
  • I found this opportunity among the top three global market leaders in a USD 30bn p.a. industry, i.e., this isn't some dodgy small-cap company or a business with an unproven, speculative model. Most of you will have already come across this company in real life, albeit unconsciously.

Finding such opportunities is really difficult, and coming up with the kind of background information that I research through my far-flung network requires lots of work. This particular report was a month and a half in the making, and I waited for a specific date to make for an impeccably timed delivery to my Members.

Notice the difference here? I did not refer to "readers" but "Members" – i.e., those who've decided to spend a mere USD 49 a year (yes, year!) to get access to my very best investment ideas.

As a subscriber to my "Weekly Dispatches", you have "reader" status – alongside many others who also enjoy my free weekly column.

This means that you are only getting the second best of my products. A good one, after all, but still only second best. And who wants second best when they can have it all? Life really is too short!

The (ugly) truth about my free column

These "Weekly Dispatches" are a mere by-product of my research.

None of what I publish in them can keep up with the research reports that I produce for my Members.

What I write about in the Weekly Dispatches mostly hails from one of the following categories:

  • Stocks that may be of interest in the future, but which aren't all that interesting yet.
  • General market commentary and investment wisdom.
  • Companies that one should avoid at all cost.

There is no regular follow-up to the companies I write about in the Weekly Dispatches.

My in-depth research reports, on the other hand:

  • Usually involve months of research, i.e., I am turning every stone.
  • Focus on the most outstanding investment opportunities I can find.
  • Are based on a 2-5 page executive summary (for quick readers), and contain all background information in an additional 20-100 pages.
  • Are followed up with updates whenever there is something noteworthy to report.

Today's report should be worth many times USD 49

You might already place significant amounts of money on the stocks that I write about in my Weekly Dispatches. You might consider the Weekly Dispatches a valuable "tip sheet". Fair enough. However, if you put faith in my writing already, why not spend a few dollars to get the BEST intel I can offer?

I regularly wonder about this question.

It's unfathomable to me why anyone wouldn't do that. It's FORTY-NINE DOLLARS, and that's per year rather than per month.

Maybe I simply haven't been clear enough about this yet?

If you spend USD 49 today to get my brand-new research report, I am extremely confident you won't regret it. You will not come across a similar No Brainer investment opportunity in my Weekly Dispatches!

Apologies for being so blunt

You might find this message an annoying sales pitch, but I just had to get it off my chest.

At least until the end of this year, I am not going to annoy you with another such message. If today's report cannot get you interested in becoming a Member, then there is probably nothing I can do for you and I fully respect that.

Just don't say you weren't told.

On a closing note, today's message is replacing this week's Weekly Dispatch. On Friday, when you'd usually receive my weekly column, I'll be wandering around Machu Picchu in Peru. You'll next receive a Weekly Dispatch on Friday, 23 August 2019.

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