100-Baggers: Free book for new Members (while stocks last)

100-Baggers: Free book for new Members (while stocks last)
8 October 2019
Who hasn't dreamt of finding a stock that goes up in value by a factor of 100?

Such a stock turns EUR 10,000 into EUR 1,000,000.

Or USD 1,000 into USD 100,000.

Having one such investment in your portfolio is a game-changer.

Such a home run could make the difference between struggling through retirement or being very comfortable.

Maybe you also know someone who bought a small amount of stock in Apple, Amazon or Google early on? This certain someone is now in a good spot financially, thanks to just one single investment. E.g., I know one university professor who invested into Apple, purely because her California base gave her a good feel for that company. She has now been able to earmark a seven-digit donation for her Alma Mater. Entirely normal people can hit such home runs.

But how to spot them early on?

One famous fund manager and author has studied such "100-baggers" (as they are called in stock market jargon) with a scientific meticulousness.

"100 Baggers – Stocks that Return 100-to-1 and How to Find Them" by Chris Mayer is the no. 1 book written about the subject.

The book shows its readers:

  • The timeless principles for identifying companies that can become 100-baggers.
  • The most commonly committed mistakes that lead to investors missing out.
  • A quick-and-easy checklist for filtering out suitable candidates.

I recently discussed Chris' book in a YouTube video that I shot with a fellow blogger, and subsequently received enthusiastic feedback. Many of my readers were keen to learn more about 100-baggers.

My website also aims to educate investors. I asked Chris if he would sell me a box of books at a discounted price. Luckily, he agreed. Just like myself, Chris is a passionate writer. As he told me: "It makes me happy to get it out there in the big world!"

I'm not usually into marketing gimmicks (and have just recently given away a few of my own books), but Chris' offer was impossible to resist.

It also fits nicely with my latest report. Yesterday, Members of my website received a 22-page feature of a potential 100-bagger as part of their annual package that comprises 10 in-depth reports.

The company in question clearly has what it takes to turn into a longer-term major winner.  You only need to do as much as check Chris Mayer's semi-scientific analysis of past 100-baggers – which you can do for free if you become a Member now!

Sign up for an Undervalued-Shares.com Membership (USD 49 per year) and get a hardcopy of "100 Baggers – Stocks that Return 100-to-1 and How to Find Them" thrown in for free (including worldwide postage). All you need to do is enter 100BAGGER in the "Coupon Code" field on my sign-up form. While stock lasts! (Please note that the books are all sold out now.)

(And just in case you are still hesitating, download this previous 94-page report for free and see for yourself what you are signing up for.)

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