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Concentrated bets – how the world's best value investors got rich

How I work (part 2): The 10 worst mistakes of my investing career

The value of going against groupthink

Riches among ruins (part 2): my 5,000% investment adventure in war-torn Iraq

Ferrari – the company, the stock, and my car

11 highlights from our dinner with Kuppy

Sark – bidding for the Barclay estate and going public

USA – the unstoppable juggernaut?

Hungary investor trip – what we learned

"The art of execution": how to manage your own portfolio

Is this stock like Amazon in 1997?

If my instinct is right, this online company is a ground floor opportunity similar to investing in Amazon 20 years ago. It is already world-leading in its market. You could even say that it has created its own market by approaching a problem in a different way than everyone else. It could be a category-defining company.

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13 investment trends for a new world

The coronavirus crisis will turn out to be an inflexion point. From here onwards, the world (and stock markets) won’t continue as a linear extrapolation of the past. Here are some thoughts how it might continue.

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Laggard turning growth stock

Laggard turning growth stock

This European market leader has a 3x-5x upside over the coming 3-5 years if new management gets its growth engines revved up again. Will it?

Undervalued liquidation case

Undervalued liquidation case

This London-listed stock could throw off 3-3.5x the current share price. Funds specialised in complex special situations have already taken note.

Mid-cap bid target

Mid-cap bid target

The company's CEO and COO have been given a strong financial incentive to at least double the share price by mid-2026. They are likely to succeed.