Special report to flip Black Friday on its head

Special report to flip Black Friday on its head
29 November 2019

Are you sick of all the Black Friday special offers? Everyone wants to sell you stuff that you don't need.

Black Friday is all about making you SPEND money.

I am flipping the script on all this nonsense.

My website is now carrying a Black Friday story that potentially EARNS you money.

When everyone zigs, I zag.

I have spotted an opportunity to buy 1 euro for 93 cents (or maybe even less if we are a bit lucky).

It's a highly unusual investment opportunity that involves a European mutual fund.

It's a conservative investment, i.e., it won't double overnight. But it is one that could appeal to those of my readers who would like to "stash away" some money.

Sometime during 2020 and quite possibly as early as the next months, this fund could see a sudden increase in net asset value. This is likely going to be the case even if the rest of the fund's portfolio doesn't change at all in price. There is what I believe to be a valuation gap, and I expect it to close.

There was a fair bit of detective work involved with uncovering it.

Once I realised what I had on my hands, I raced to put together a 20-page report. From having this idea on Monday to getting this report published on my website today, it took only four days.

Because of the valuable information that this report contains, it is exclusively available for those of you with an Undervalued-Shares.com Membership. (I'm afraid there isn't a Black Friday offer for this Membership, but it's a year-round bargain anyway.)

My entire week was unexpectedly taken up writing this report. Sending you this heads-up is probably the most valuable bit of information I can offer you today.

Next week, normal service will resume, and you'll get a new Weekly Dispatch as usual.

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